• BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD: I work on UX research projects to help members improve their quality of life through accessing information on our digital products. 

  • CVS Health: I worked with UX designers daily on research, user journeys, empathy maps, user personas, wireframes, copy decks, and high-fidelity prototypes. My role was to advocate for the user by leveraging UX research and industry best practices and making sure it got translated into messaging that connected with users and helped them accomplish the jobs they needed to get done across CVS's digital properties.

  • Liberty Mutual: I was embedded in a cross-functional, agile team to create better user experiences around choosing and using auto and home insurance. While at Liberty, I pioneered survey methods for gathering data on audio content, establishing best practices that became more widely adopted. In addition, I led several guerrilla research projects to gather user feedback on proposed enhancements to card-based user flows.

  • BUILDIUM: I worked with UX designers to conduct user interviews, which led to a branding and messaging overhaul to more accurately reflect the true segments and mental models of Buildium’s customers.


  • DONNELLY CREATIVE: I conducted in-depth UX interviews and surveys for private clients designed to quickly understand customer segments and preferences. Synthesizing quantitative and qualitative research findings, I distilled the key takeaways and made recommendations. (See my portfolio for a sample research report.)


  • SPRINGBOARD: Working with a mentor, I earned a UX Design certificate for conceiving, researching and designing a shopping app. (See my portfolio for a walkthrough of my end-to-end UX process for creating the app.)



"Matt is one of the most promising UX Researcher/Designers I've come across. His unique background gives him a powerful lens on user insight that most companies would be lucky to have. When designing digital product, he is not the 25 year-old blankly asking "Well, how does this app make you feel?" Rather, he understands how to package questions in ways that provoke the answers we all wish we were carrying into our design meetings. He knows how to thoughtfully examine a problem, and then go target the vulnerable nodes of it. It's truly a rare combination of IQ and work ethic."








Danny Luber
UX Mentor,

Mark Kopulos

Senior UX Designer, ACT

"Matt is a big-picture, strategic thinker. He owned the content strategy effort at Buildium and single-handedly transformed their blog. He formed new partnerships and strategic alliances in the property management and real estate verticals to generate tons of popular and engaging content. He’s smart, and he gets stuff done. I’ve really enjoyed working with Matt over the past year at Buildium. He’s bursting with great ideas, and loves to toss them around. He's an all around good guy who is a pleasure to work with, and is never at a loss for words."








"Matt is an objective thinker who isn’t afraid to speak up if he sees a better solution to the problem at hand. He has the confidence needed to support his revolutionary ideas, but is also humble enough to revise a piece of content until it’s the best it can be. Matt’s greatest asset as a contest strategist is his ability to collaborate with his peers, which leads to some great brainstorming sessions."








Tara Lynn Connelly

UI Designer, TED

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