You Can Turn It Around

The title of this post is intentionally vague. It can mean a situation, a business or [fill in the blank].

But however you interpret it, the fact remains that you can turn it around.

This isn’t wishful thinking. It’s a fact.

Why do I say that? My wife told me.

Not in so many words, mind you. But when she talks to me about her work and why it gives her meaning, one thing comes across loud and clear: Resilience is deeply ingrained within all of us.

My wife works with women who have experienced trauma, especially domestic abuse. Without betraying any confidences, she says she’s amazed at how these women find something within themselves to get out of those situations, to find support in shelters, and, little by little, to rebuild their lives.

Sometimes they’re motivated by the desire to give their children a better life, but there are other cases where it’s just a matter of knowing there’s more for them in this world than being some jerk’s punching bag.

Human beings, if given half a chance, will fight, scratch and claw to create a better life for themselves and those around them. You see it all around if you take the time to look.

This makes me confident that whatever the problems you or I face, in business or in life, there’s a way forward to a better tomorrow. In one way or another, my professional life has been about showing people that better tomorrow, and it’s the deep reason why people start businesses and create opportunity every day.

If you’re in a situation that seems intractable, it’s time to draw on those reserves of resilience that are just waiting to be tapped. It might be getting an outside opinion, it might be doing something new (or stopping something you’re doing now). But whatever the case, you can turn it around.

Still don’t believe me? Let’s focus on the business world for a moment. Consider Steve Jobs turning around Apple, despite Michael Dell saying Jobs should liquidate the company. Or Louis Gerstner turning around a floundering IBM. Or Howard Schultz returning to refocus Starbucks and make it into the powerhouse it is today.

You can turn it around. Maybe you need some help, as did the leaders I just mentioned, but you can develop a strategy that brings success back to your business. The first step is to believe it’s possible.

Because it is.

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