The goal of good customer research is to make every facet of the business more effective, meaning you can generate more revenue.

Sadly, many companies today still rely almost exclusively on automated, cookie-cutter approaches to communicating with their best customers, thus missing out on vital insights that can only come out through real, human interaction.

Here are some benefits of customer interviews:

  • You’ll better understand the buying process for your most profitable customers, which can help your apps, website, marketing campaigns and even your sales training.
  • You’ll understand what you do that drives the most profitable customers crazy, so you can course correct and not drive away other potential customers like them.
  • You’ll understand the objections high-upside customers have when considering buying from you, so you can address those in your marketing and sales efforts.
  • You can get new ideas for products and services, so you can leverage those to increase lifetime customer value (LCV) of existing customers and to attract new customers.
  • You’re creating a potential pathway to “pre-sell” products and services by involving your best customers in the product/service development process. This reduces the risk of failed product launches.
  • You’ll deepen relationships with your best customers by listening to them, thus reducing or eliminating the risk they’ll bolt to a competitor. Churn becomes less of a worry.