This depends on your needs at the moment. Customer research can be a powerful tool for helping your business keep a laser focus on the needs of great customers who love your products/services and want more of the same.

  • If you’re an agency developing websites, bringing in a customer researcher at the outset can help you avoid beautiful failures.
  • If you’re in business development, looking to expand your products/services, customer research can help uncover unmet needs your team can develop around and bring to market, while also increasing the likelihood that the launch will be successful.
  • If you’re planning marketing campaigns, you might want to anticipate reasons why customers like and don’t like your products/services, thus helping to build trust leading to more leads and conversions. And customer interviews can always be excerpted to create testimonials and case studies as well.
  • If you’re trying to pull off a complex sale, sell deeper into existing accounts or grow your book of business with new prospects, customer research can help fine-tune your unique value proposition and give you more effective talking points, leading to a higher close rate. It’s also helpful to have a customer researcher and their insights alongside the sales team as they “dealstorm” for complex sales.
  • If you’re focused on customer care or customer success, understanding more about your customer’s context, as well as their wants and needs, you can sharpen customer care training and on-boarding.
  • If you’re working to improve the user experience (UX) of websites and apps, having a greater understanding of customer wants and needs will make your process and your end product much more effective.