Stop Talking About Yourself

Most companies love to talk about themselves. A lot. And the temptation is strong to sell your customers on you, as if that’s the point at issue.

This is a bad idea. Your customers, when it comes down to it, really only care about how you can help them.

When a customer talks to you in person, visits your website, consumes your free offer, or has any other interaction with your company, they have four main questions in mind. Don’t answer them all, and your chance of getting the sale is about as likely as baseball players refusing to grow goatees. In other words: not very likely.

What are the four questions? They’re these:

Me, really?

So what?

Can you prove it?

Why you again?

Answer these four questions, and you get to the magical fifth question: Where do I sign?

Let’s break down these four questions into some key areas I call the Six For Selling:

  • Customers: Who are your target customers? Make sure your messaging speaks to a specific subset of customers.
  • Problem: What are the urgent needs does this subset of customers? Make sure you lead by identifying the problem…
  • Solution: … and only then discuss how your products/services solve the problem.
  • Objections: What objections about your product/service might this subset of customers have? (Usually it’s not about price.)
  • Backhanded Testimonials: Do you have customers who were initially skeptical about your product/service too? Have them speak on your behalf.
  • Your Special Sauce: Again, why you? What makes you/your company uniquely capable of solving the customer’s problems?

Address these objections, and your sales will skyrocket.

Great book for more information: 80/20 Sales and Marketing

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