How to Build A Strong Sales Funnel

Just follow the process, and you’ll be building a strong sales funnel in no time!


Your first step is to work on planning your sales funnel. Your focus should be on meeting the needs of your customers. A well­-converting sales funnel should convert a lazy visitor to a loyal customer. This entails lot of planning and careful calculation.

  • Imagine the perfect customer. Think about what you can offer to persuade them to buy your products. Place yourself in the visitors’ position and try to answer that question. Ideas include gift coupons, a free trial, or invites to consume educational webinars, educational content, etc. Each customer is different, and you must cater to their specific preferences.

  • Look up the lead generation tactics that you need. Find a combination of 4­5, like search engine optimization (SEO), Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, guest blogs, search engines, paid ads, etc.

  • Gather feedback and survey your prospects and customers. This is the most direct way to understand your customers’ urgent problems. Drilling into common problems faced by your customers will help you to plan and understand how to create the sales funnel.

Landing Page/Lead Capture

Often a landing page is the first impression your website makes to potential customers. Shouldn’t you take time to make sure that it looks great? Traffic sent to a landing page is going to result in higher conversion rate.

A great landing page has:

  • An attractive headline clearly describing the customer’s problem and how you’ll solve it. Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger Media, says, “8 out of 10 people will click on the headline.” Almost 73% of buying decisions are made at the point of the headline.  

  • High­-value content. This includes images, presentations, audios, podcasts, and relevant videos that drive traffic to your website. Videos alone can increase conversions by nearly 80%.

  • A clear call to action. This should be “above the fold” and clearly called out.

  • A compelling free/trial offer. Offer free/discounted services that can guarantee customer trust and confidence when buying. This could include a free month of service, downloadable guides, e­books, infographics, a free trial of software, and so on.

  • Testimonials from former skeptics. Include a section for real testimonials from customers, especially the ones who at first doubted you. These negative (or reverse) testimonials will help you show credibility.

If your landing page is unable to attract a visitor’s attention in the first few seconds, they will leave, and you may have just lost a long­-term relationship customer.

Introducing Different Pricing And Packaging Options

If you’ve done your job well, your leads coming to the landing page will be asking you one question: How do I buy from you?

So your next step could be determining the best pricing options. These should be clearly differentiated so the lead gets a clear idea of what’s on offer. Clearly segregating pricing options is a great step to provide immense value in your funnel.

According to many marketing and sales experts, you can expect about 20% of your leads to buy 80% of your products and services. And it’s also the case that many customers in this 20% will be interested in premium bundles where you combine products and/or services at higher profit margins.

By selling more to your best customers lower in the sales funnel, you relieve the pressure on your business to attract more and more leads through the top of the funnel.

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