Give Your Customers Super Powers

So what makes the difference between some getting a full-time, paying job and others not getting one? Office politics aside, the answer has to be the quality or value of the ‘free offer’ they’re providing. The more valuable that is, the more likely their prospective employer will be to come back for more and bring that person on staff.

The same holds true with your business. When you’re unknown to a customer, they have no idea whether it makes sense to do business with you or not. You’re just like the person looking to work at their favorite company who lacks the track record (resume/CV).

What risk is the customer taking in buying from you? Well, first off, you’re asking them to exchange their hard-earned money (sometimes not an insignificant amount!) for your products or services. And this is to say nothing of the anger, sadness or frustration they’d likely experience if they felt they didn’t get value for money.

But there’s a problem here, isn’t there? How in the world can you show them the value of your products and services if they’re not prepared to take the risk in the first place?

It’s an unfortunate truth about the world today that you have to be bolder than ever to attract a customer’s attention when they’re being bombarded by disjointed and often irrelevant information every hour of the day.

The way past this catch-22 is to give them a super power. In a word drowning in information, you need to give them knowledge. Notice the two operative words in that last sentence: give and knowledge. Your job in winning over customers is to give away (yes, for free) something that teaches your customers a skill. Give them a super power they need but don’t currently have.

Why? Because you need to show your value. If you’re willing to teach them a skill (for free) to prove your value, they’ll start dreaming about what you’ll be able teach them when actual money changes hands. They’ll be thinking, How much more valuable will that be?

Will everyone who consumes your free information come back to spend money with you? No, but a lot will. Why? Because, unlike a lot of the snake oil salesmen (and women) on the Internet and on TV, you’re teaching them a skill they need instead of just sharing a bunch of inspirational quotes or sales and marketing jargon that’s not actionable.

How do you know your free offer is good enough to catch a customer’s attention? There’s an easy test: If you shed a tear or two by giving it away free, then you’re on the right track!

Once you’ve gotten their attention and shown your value by giving them some great free material, it’s time to ask for a paying job.

Great book for more information: 80/20 Sales and Marketing

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