Never Need Another Lead

Lesson 9 - If you must sell to new prospects, do this

Collecting some great reverse testimonials will open up another option for your business: You can market to new prospects too. (If you must: Your new referrals, mentioned in a previous lesson, might keep you busy enough!)

New prospects?

Hypocrite! you shout. Well, yes and no.

It is true that I’m giving you the green light to go after new leads and prospects.’re going to be doing it in a way that 99% of marketers don’t. And that’s a good thing!

What do I mean? Well, think of the ground we’ve covered in this course and what you’ve learned about selling to existing customers. It turns out that all of what you learned about your best customers — why they bought and continue to buy from you — is applicable to capturing more of that same kind of rock-star customer!

In other words, you’ve already learned a whole lot about what rock-star customers want. Lead-generation marketers already have gotten wise to the fact that we need to profile our customers. BUT what those lead-generation marketers haven’t gotten wise to (or at least not yet) is that if you’ve followed the steps in this course, you ALREADY have higher-value/higher-margin/higher-profit offerings to sell to those top customers.

You have your expensive Prada handbag, in a manner of speaking.

It’s all about the order: Refine and perfect your value and pricing with existing customers and then rinse and repeat for new ones.

Sure, the 80% of new customers you’ll acquire through lead generation won’t want those top-tier, more expensive offerings you’ve created, but that’s the case for 80% of your existing customers anyway. And that’s fine. Remember that your truly amazing income potential comes from that top 10-20% of customers you’re attempting to serve on a deeper level.

This is why it always makes good sense to try to sell more to your best customers first.