Never Need Another Lead

Lesson 8 - Help your customers sell for you

If you’ve followed along so far, you’re hopefully pretty excited at the possibilities of increasing the revenue of your business by offering additional value to your existing customers.

But have you realized by this point that your best customers can help you in another important way?

How? In a word: testimonials.

But not all testimonials are created equal. Some are bland. Some are trite. And most aren’t compelling. Why? Because they sound staged and because they aren’t detailed enough. What you want are authentic-sounding testimonials that go beyond soundbites.

The best testimonials are what we call reverse testimonials, where the customer was skeptical of the product/service and ended up becoming a customer who gets a lot of lot of value from you only after overcoming a series of objections in his mind. The result of this is a testimonial where your customer is in effect selling your products/services to other customers who are probably just as skeptical about them as he was!

Combine these reverse testimonials with website copy that addresses each of the objections you learn about through customer research, and you’ve taken your marketing message to a whole new level of effectiveness.