Never Need Another Lead

Lesson 2 - Forget most of what you've been taught about marketing

I love marketing. I've done it for most of my career, and I want to do my best to help great companies connect with great customers in need of their products and services.

But I've noticed a trend in most marketing today. It seems that marketing gurus are primarily focused on helping companies acquire new customers, not selling to the ones you already have.

However, the fact remains that you're not like new companies trying to build a customer base. You have a customer base. You're already a few chapters ahead of in the textbook, a few miles down the road — you picked the appropriate metaphor.

Please don't overlook that fact! First, it means you've enjoyed some degree of success in business, so congratulations! Second, it means that you already have a base of (hopefully) satisfied customers.

In the next lesson, we'll discuss the biggest advantage that your business has over businesses that are just starting out, at least when it comes to marketing.