Don’t Stop Dating Your Customers

Remember the days when you first started dating your partner? You would move heaven and earth to spend time with them. You would buy them special gifts and even write little love notes just because. Those were the days, right?

But then life happened. You both got busy. Kids made it even more challenging. Then factor in a mortgage, a car payment, demanding jobs, lawns to mow, dentist appointments. The list goes on.

Before you know it, you and your partner aren’t quite as close. And you’re entering the relationship danger zone.

All hope isn’t lost, but you need to course correct. Buy flowers. Schedule date nights. Have a frank budget discussion. Air long-suppressed feelings. And so on.

I think you know where I’m going with this: You once “dated” your customers too, and now…well, you aren’t quite as close. Your focus has been diverted elsewhere. There’s the CRM implementation that’s behind schedule. Oh, and there’s that 99-slide PowerPoint presentation that you need to finish for the COO. And don’t forget about your company picnic — that isn’t going to plan itself.

Lots of things can get in between you and your customers, and most of those things aren’t bad things in and of themselves. But when your company’s focus shifts inward, you start to major in the minors, to give way too much time and attention to things that don’t help you serve customers better. Your priorities are off.

How do you know this is happening with your business? How do you know your customers are thinking about seeing other people and maybe even filing for divorce?

I could give you a long list of things to check, but the easiest way is to ask them. Just like with your partner, having a frank conversation with alienated customers might just do the trick.

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