A Business Two Decades in the Making

If you ask people who know me best, I think they’d tell you that I’ve always had the heart of an entrepreneur. I’ve never been a person who did something to follow the crowd. Usually it’s been the opposite — and being an entrepreneur means that you have to follow your gut when everyone else thinks you’re a little bit crazy.

But I’m not really crazy, of course. I’d prefer to say that I saw an opportunity to open a new business to better serve the needs of customers. After two decades in the workforce, one as a journalist and another as a marketer, I both refined and developed my natural drive to do things differently, to ask the right questions and to solve problems.

The result is Donnelly Creative, a consultancy that helps companies develop products and services that align more closely with the needs of their best customers. Powered by sound processes and strategies, we free creative teams to produce their best work, all while helping companies become more profitable. 


From creative strategy to process to development, we help you create a framework for delivering excellent products, services and supporting content to connect more closely with your customers. When you do that, they’ll never think of buying from anyone else.

My wife says she’s never seen me so happy since I decided to follow my passion and become an entrepreneur. Honestly, I think that when you wake up every day ready to be fully yourself in service of others, then you can’t go far wrong, whether in business or in life. 

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